Constantly evaluating

Creating the elements for my degree show is in full swing, but even now I’m constantly looking at what and how I’m making the art works. By tweaking bits, or in some cases affording considerable changes I feel the elements of the installation is really beginning to pull together. It feels a much tighter work of art now.

Time lapse during curing process

I’m planning on creating a time lapse video starting from adding of pigments through to the end of the resin curing process. The whole curing process takes around 2 hours and the time lapse video is intended to show the amazing visual transformation of pigments in the resin during curing.

IMG_0070 IMG_0072

Emulating ink coloured water droplets

Creating large scale water droplets in resin is one thing, but to try and emulate the effect of coloured ink added to the water droplet is quite another. After some experimentation I think I’ve succeeded.

This short video shows the simple process I am using working in conjunction with the reaction between the resin and resin formulated pigments.


Custom designed lighting

Having spent ages researching methods and types of lighting for the different elements of the installation and not quite finding what I need, it was suggested to me that a friend’s son may be able to help as he works with lighting and electronics.

My criteria was a compact, battery powered dimmable LED unit complete with on/off switch. Quantity required is around 20 units.

I am now getting the custom designed lighting units made to my specification and the bonus is they are far cheaper than any equivalent unit I could have bought in store or online.


Planning is crucial in the event of the unexpected

Thankfully from the outset of coming up with the concept and respective ideas for the final degree show I’ve made sure I would be organised. With such a relatively large scale proposed installation containing a variety of processes and disciplines, I knew I’d need to keep a tight reign on timetabling. As a result of planning and setting myself a diary of when each element would need to be completed, things appear to be well on track even though I’ve just had an unexpected, but serious family matter to cope with.

In my head and on paper, but…

Having had a meeting with technicians on Tuesday I now have the timetable for the degree show build. I know what I’m trying to achieve with my art installation, (the vision is in my head and on paper), but until I get in the space and start constructing it I obviously don’t know exactly if it’s going to work and achieve the effect I’m after. So at the moment I’m a little anxious.

Will my expectations and small scale experiments be rewarded when I build the complete working installation?

Degree Show Looming

With my degree show looming ever closer, have begun finalising plans for the preparation and build of the show. My work is progressing well and have completed two of the 3 four metre banners I’m painting and here’s a sneak preview of a part of one of them…



The production of resin droplets is now picking up together with designing the furnishings for the show, and the manufacturing of the LED lighting units is also in full swing.

Looking forward to trying out the various elements in a trial run.

First Attempt

A trial run using the luminescent powder in the clear casting resin wasn’t the complete success I was hoping for. Having filled the moulds with the clear resin I then mixed the powders with small amounts of resin I’d set aside. The idea was to add these mixtures to the resin in the mould and create effects. Unfortunately the weight of the powder mixture was too heavy and most of it sunk to the bottom (top of finished piece).

There is no lighting used here other than the ambient light given off by the photo-luminescent powder in the resin. Although the surface of the smaller droplet is somewhat clearer than the larger one, both require complete wet & dry sanding and polishing. This will in turn vastly improve the effect and appearance of the resin droplets.

image (8)image (9)

Degree Show Planning

Degree show planning in full flow now. Managed to learn the basics of SketchUp CAD drawing software in a day to create a working drawing of the space I have for my degree show. Now I can plan and plot the layout of the elements in a virtual three dimensional space

Degree Show Space MkII A

CAD drawing of basic degree space room. Following images show interior space including all the relevant features of the existing room, plus the addition of a planned ‘light safe’ structure at the entrance.

Degree Show Space MkII BDegree Show Space MkII CDegree Show Space MkII DDegree Show Space MkII EDegree Show Space MkII G


Having received the photo-luminescent powders for use in the resin I needed to test them.

image (6)

Photo-luminescent powders exposed for 30 minutes to UV light.


The big test though was to see how long the glow would last. Very pleased to say it lasted over eight hours!