Refraction and reflection – creating illusions

To display the pigmented resin droplets I’ve chosen to illuminate them from beneath. This has brought its own set of issues including what light source to use and how it is to be powered. The preferred method the battery powered unit of two LEDs set in the plinth for each resin droplet. LEDs are very bright, but also generate very little heat and so are safe in a confined space. With an isolation switch outside of the plinth the lighting unit is also easily controllable.

Lighting from beneath gives me three main benefits. Firstly, the light unit is hidden from view. Secondly, I have more control over the spread of light and in so doing there is less light pollution in the installation room. Third and finally, I can create some deceptive illusions with the refraction and reflections produced in the droplet as you can see from the video below. From an approaching angle the droplet appears to to be solid blue, but as the viewpoint changes so the droplet appears to change as well.

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