Photo luminescense

Using clear casting resin has been a whole new way of working for me although I had some prior knowledge, but using photo luminescent powders in resin is completely new. After much experimenting and trialling I’ve reach a point that I’m happy with. However, it wasn’t/isn’t without its problems. The initial issue was there were only four colours available that I could use. Green, Aqua Marine Blue, Cobalt Blue and Violet aren’t exactly a wide spectrum of colour, but that’s what I had to work with. Secondly, I didn’t know what ratio of powder to resin would be needed to get the effect I was after. Thirdly, of the four colours the Green and Aqua Marine react far quicker and better to UV light (and hold the charge longer), with Cobalt trailing a little way behind. Unfortunately Violet seems to struggle on all counts needing much more light to charger the particles, but even then it’s not great. The jury’s out at the moment as to whether I’ll use Violet.

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